This Selkup shaman drum shows many images found in shamanic art throughout Siberia and Mongolia. The many-legged figure in the center may be a water spirit or a representation of the turge tree in animal form. To each side are the sun and moon and rows of birds associated with each that are evocative of the rows of bird ongons used in shamanic rituals, especially among the Yakut. The two groups of flying birds are similar to the bird pendants found on shaman robes. To the right of the moon is a set of bird-topped ongon poles, each with the tripod support symbolizing the three worlds. The two sets of animals are probably wolves and bears. A shaman rides a reindeer-drawn sledge carrying a drum with the classic zagalmai design. There are three sets of spirits in human form, one normal, one headless, and one armless. The row of armless figures resemble Siberian and Mongolian manggee ongons and similar images are found on Saami drums. The deformed spirits mean that they are master of these deformities. Note that all the sets of spirits, birds, and animals are the same in number.