Qualities of an Upright Human-Being

Reverence for the environment
The earth has nourished us since the beginning of time. To treat the earth, air, and waters with disrespect disrupts the delicate balance of the planet. Harming the environment that we live and rely on is dangerous and foolish. It is also important to note that all things have spirits. The rocks, trees, animals, waters, etc. are all alive and should be treated with respect.

Balance is the next ideal of great importance. A person needs to act in moderation. A personís actions affect themselves as well as those around them. Balance also teaches us that death must occur for life to survive and that conflict and war are just as much a part of the universe as peace and harmony. Once can also learn to accept their personal flaws because balance is the greater ideal, not perfection.

Personal responsibility
Personal responsibility can not be stressed enough in this day and age. Every person had a direct connection to the sacred and is therefore responsible for their own actions or lack thereof.

Respect for elders
Elders are here to bring us into the world and impart their knowledge to us through teaching and guidance. An upright human being is grateful for this and is polite and considerate to their elders. Grandparents, teachers, and other elders in the community can enrich our lives if we give them the chance.

The forests of Siberia and the steppes of Mongolia can be dangerous places. One is at the mercy of the unrelenting elements, wild animals, and vast uninhabited distances. It was vital for survival that hospitality be offered to travelers whether they be friends or strangers. This tradition is still strong today. Hospitality also encompasses generosity. It is an act of an upright human being to help your fellow man and not be stingy with your goods or compassion.

Cooperation is related to hospitality. Although strong individuals, cooperation within oneís community is important. This brings harmony to where you live.