Native Americans practice Shamanism


The great number of nations that populated the Americas were extremely diverse. Their clothing, languages, lifestyles, and spiritual traditions varied to a large degree. Trying to classify all of these peoples into only one stereotype is inaccurate.

Many Native Americans get insulted by being called “shamans” because this is a foreign word to them and it does not necessarily define what they are. Just because a tribe has a similar spiritual practitioner in their culture, does not necessarily make them a shaman. Furthermore, it is more respectful of native peoples to be referred to by their own names and titles from their own language.

Native American beliefs may hold some things in common with Tengerism, but this does not mean that they should be “clumped” together. They do not worship the same gods as Tengerists, nor do they maintain the same beliefs in the afterlife. The differences in spiritual world view can be great. Native people’s beliefs should not all be clumped together in to one “primitive” category. Native people are not all the same and their cultural differences, sacred traditions and legends are not just “cultural baggage”.

If you want to learn about a particular Native American tribe, contact them directly and ask them if they have any information that they can share or books that they have written for public education.