Environmental Issues/ Native Rights

Below are links to articles and web sites dealing with environmental and Native rights issues. Tengerists do not just say that they love nature. They are active in protecting and preserving the world around them. The more people are informed about what is going on, the more they can choose what course of action to take.

Soviet Union: Big Problems with Small Ethnic Groups

Baikal Watch

Indigenous People of the North Protest in Russia

Government Threatens Khanty Culture

Struggle Over Land and Resources in the Russian North

Climate Change and Inuit Human Rights

Totem Peoples

Saving Mongolian Horses

Competing for Resources in the Russian Far East

Northern Forum

Aboriginal Peoples Canada links

Aboriginal Portal- Environment and Natural Resources

David Suzuki Foundation

Persistant Organic Pollutants in the Arctic

Aboriginal Links

Inuit circumpolar Conference

Aboriginal Way of Life in Danger of Disappearing

Sustainable Development

Atlantic Region Environmental Topics

The Carbon Bomb and Northern Boreal Forests

Tree Canada Foundation

Guidelines For Saving Indigenous Languages

Native Languages Revitalization Resource Directory

Save Biogems

Arbor Day

International Earth Day