Barishi- Bone-Setters

Bone-setters can use mentally dissociative states and spirit-helpers in their healing work. (They are unable to master spirits, however). A barishi’s main work is setting bones and fixing dislocations. They also work with back pain, boils, sores, and other skin diseases. It is said that a barishi can see a broken bone as accurately as an x-ray machine.

Instead of being chosen by the spirits, this calling is inherited from the paternal line. In most tribes, only men can be bone-setters because bones are considered the masculine part of the body. The Borjigid (Imperial Mongol clan) were known for their barishi.

The first barishi received his power from a snake in a dream. Thus the snake is an important totem of the barishi. Barishis carry a string of 108 prayer beads. This is made of one crystal and 107 animal bones.