Shamanism from other Siberian Traditions

Here are some sites I have found on the Web about Siberian shamanism from other cultures besides the Buryats. You will find that there are a lot of similarities with Buryat shamanism, which should not be surprising. The similarities are especially strong among the Altaic groups, who are linguistically and genetically close to the Buryats. Furthermore, there has been a lot of sharing of traditions since Uralic, Altaic, and Paleo-Siberian tribes has lived in close contact with one another for thousands of years.

Photos of Nanai, Yakut, and Manchu shamanism

Seven Votyak Charms:

Seven shamanist “spells” used by the Samoyedic Votyak people.

The Incantations:

Pictures of a Nganasan shaman during ritual with downloadable files of his singing.

The Incantations of Tubyaku Kosterkin:

Transcriptions and commentary about the the shaman songs of the Nganasan shaman Tubyaku.

Initiatory Visions:

The shamanic initiation of the Nganasan shaman Dyukhade Kosterkin

The Clean Tent Rite:

A description of the clean tent rite, an important ritual of Siberian shamanism, as performed by the shaman Dyukhade Kosterkin.

Disappearing Nganasan Shamanism:

A photo essay about the shamans of the Nganasan, a small Samoyedic people.

Nganasan Shamans:

An article about the shamans of the Kosterkin family

Flood Stories from around the World:

Compiled in support of “creationism,” but still interesting because it contains 100 flood myths, including ones from the Mongols and Vogul

The Siberian universe depicted on the head of a shaman drum